Healing Kendo (癒しの剣道) by Nakamura Sensei – Overview

This is a translation of an enlightening article by Nakamura Sensei, 7th Dan – on seme and many of its related components.  This includes the mechanics of the kamae, setup, hikidasu, footwork and various strikes.   It is based on a relaxed and efficient approach to kendo – that he refers to as “Healing Kendo” – developed to counter a diminished confidence in his physical strength associated with aging.

Update: Jun 5, 2019 – The link to the original article in Japanese http://www.geocities.jp/gazo_asidachi/kumagro_niki/iyashino_kendo/iyashi_01.htm no longer works since GeoCities Japan was shut down on Mar. 2019.  Here is an interim link to the Original Article in Japanese.  Incidentally, Nakamura sensei also has a YouTube channel “nakayuki1952” with many helpful instructional videos among others.

This translation that I made is posted with the kind permission of Nakamura Sensei (Thank you!).

Since the article is rather long, I have broken up the translation into seven parts below. 

Here is a PDF version (4 pages) of the entire translated article put together by Ted Imoto Sensei which, though mostly similar, differs slightly from my translation.

Oct 4, 2021 – Though I translated this article back in 2016, I just re-read the article today.  I now understand better some pf Nakamura’s teachings and am amazed at the wisdom in his words.



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