Kendo Articles Translated by Ted Imoto Sensei

Ted Imoto is a Sensei with the Industry Sheriff’s Kendo Dojo (ISKD) located in the City of Industry, California (east of L.A.) who has translated a number of kendo related articles from Japanese to English.  Courtesy of Imoto-Sensei, his articles are provided below in PDF format (Thank you).  Some of them are also posted on the ISKD site while some of them, like the “Three Morning Talks about Kendo”, are yet to be posted there (as of the time of this writing).  Enjoy!

  1. A Study of DATOTSU Movement in Kendo (PDF)
  2. Rational Method of Handling Shinai (PDF)
  3. Studies of Body Movements in Kendo Men (PDF)
  4. Why Men Uchi is Essential in Kendo (PDF)
  5. Three Morning Talks about Kendo (PDF)
  6. Pursuing Life Time Kendo (PDF)
  7. KYŌHŌSHINTOKU(教法心得) for PRACTICING KENDO (Understanding Teaching Principles for Practicing Kendo) (PDF)  















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