Kendo Sayings (Proverbs)

Here’s some well-known sayings in kendo (also referred to as kotowaza 諺) that I have learned from sensei‘s and fellow kenshi over the years.  Pointers to websites with additional sayings are included.

Some notes:  Cited references, where present, provide more color to the quotes.  This set will likely grow as I remember old ones or discover new ones.  The translations may be imperfect.  My approach to the translations, rather than being literal, is to convey the sense or intention of the original texts.  Enjoy!


Additional Sayings (from External Sites)


[Kendo-Guide_Rei] Masahiro Imafuji. “How to bow in standing position and sitting position,”

[Kendo-Guide_Teachings] Masahiro Imafuji. “Kendo Wisdom:  Teachings from Ancient Samurai,”

[Kendo-Guide_Looking] Masahiro Imafuji, “Enzan no Metsuke:  Looking at Distant Mountains,”

[Kendo-Guide_IchiGan] Masahiro Imafuji, “Important Body Parts:  Ichi Gan Ni Soku San Tan Shi Riki,”,

[KendoInfo_Enzan] Geoff Salmon, “Enzan no metsuke,”, Oct 13, 2010.

[Kendoinfo_utarete-kanshya] Geoff Salmon, “Utarete Kanshya,”, June 23, 2014.

[Weblio_三無の剣] 剣道用語辞典 三無の剣.



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