Resources on Habits – To Manage Them

In kendo and life, we develop and acquire a repertoire of habits – automated and ingrained patterns of behaviors, actions and thoughts.  Depending on the situation and goal, they may or may not be helpful, useful or desirable.  And we may wish to modify them and/or adopt new ones.   Here’s some examples:

  • Some may either unconsciously or consciously have a pattern of self-talk which may attract anxiety or fear just prior to shiai’s, interviews or presentations and possibly self-criticism afterwards.  They instead may wish for self-talk which promotes calmness, confidence and inspiration or for diminished self-talk and being present, aware and in-the-zone.
  • Some may have a hunched posture, tight shoulders, predictable give-away patterns in the movements of their body, shinai or eyes that opponents can take advantage of.  They may wish to adopt a more natural posture, relaxed shoulders and remove any predictable movement patterns.

It is one thing to consciously desire such changes and another to make them part of our subconscious (things we naturally do without conscious effort or thought).

For those interested in learning more about habits, their importance and how to manage them, I’ve compiled a list of resources on this topic below organized as follows:

  • About Habits in General
  • The Importance of Developing “Good” Habits
  • Ways to Change Habits
  • Ways to Acquire New Habits

The principles and techniques therein can be applied to replace undesired habits and acquire new ones in and outside of kendo.  I may update this page with additional resources in the future.  Quotes on habits are listed in the article: “Quotes on Habit – Shaping One’s Kendo and Life”.

May these principles and the practice help empower and enrich your kendo and life!

About Habits in General

The Importance of Developing “Good” Habits

Ways to Change Habits

Ways to Acquire New Habits

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