Resources on Seme (攻め)

Here are some resources on seme (攻め) in English listed by Books, Associations, Authors and Sites (below).  For those unfamiliar with the term:

  • Seme as defined in the dictionary is “an attack, the offensive, assault, or siege”. In Kendo, it can also be defined as pressure;  that is, to pressure the opponent before the attack.AUSKF

  • Put plainly, seme is the process of searching for a means to break the deadlock of kamae in order to put yourself in the advantageous situation where an opportunity to execute a valid strike presents itself.Oya Minoru
  • The state in which an unrelenting, determined position of advantage is maintained on the opponent. Lorenzo Zago
  • Seme is like water, a fluid that penetrates into a material permeating it, till it changes its consistency. K. Hasegawa Sensei as quoted by Lorenzo Zago

I will likely update this page as I come across more resources.  Some resources in Japanese are listed over here.

By Books

By Associations

By Authors

By Sites (Kendoinfo, Kenshi247, KendoNotes)

From Kenshi24/ (By George McCall Sensei unless otherwise noted)

From (Geoff Salmon Sensei)









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