Resources on Seme (攻め)

Here are some resources below on seme (攻め) in English listed by Books, Associations, Articles, Articles by Website, Videos, DVDs and Quotes on Seme.  For those unfamiliar with the term:

  • Seme as defined in the dictionary is “an attack, the offensive, assault, or siege”. In Kendo, it can also be defined as pressure;  that is, to pressure the opponent before the attack.AUSKF

  • Put plainly, seme is the process of searching for a means to break the deadlock of kamae in order to put yourself in the advantageous situation where an opportunity to execute a valid strike presents itself.Oya Minoru

I will likely update this page as I come across more resources.  Some resources in Japanese are listed over here.

Updates:  July 19, 2022 – Updated with Uga Sensei’s (Hykusyu-Budougu-Ten) three-part videos on seme.   Aug 9, 2019 – Updated with instructional videos by Nabeyama Takahiro sensei.




Articles by Website

From (By George McCall Sensei unless otherwise noted)

From (Geoff Salmon Sensei)

From (Masahiro Imafuji Sensei)




  • Episode 13 and 14 on seme (semekata-no-keikouhou) in Koda Kunihide (Kyoshi 8 dan), “Kendo Promotion Shinsa – Program” DVD (剣道昇段審査・対策プログラム【教士八段 香田郡秀監修】) (in Japanese with no subtitles)

Quotes on Seme


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