Resources on Meditation (黙想 mokusou)

There are many resources on meditation.  I have compiled a list below of those that I have found helpful and some that seem helpful.  It is intended to help me find them in the future and for others who may be interested in meditation.  It is organized in terms of:  Articles (mostly), Videos, Audio Recordings, Books, CDs, Programs, Websites, Quotes on Meditation and Meditation Jokes.  Some kendo-related articles in English (which appear to be few in number) are included.  I will likely update the list as I discover more.  Peace.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded. – Buddha


* Those articles earmarked with an asterisk * describe two contrasting approaches to meditation:  Focused Attention Meditation and Open Monitoring Meditation.


Audio Recordings



  • Jack Kornfield, “Guided Meditations for Difficult Times.”



Quotes on Meditation

Meditation Jokes






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