Resources on Gyaku-Dou (逆胴)

Here is a small collection of resources on striking gyaku-dou (also referred to as hidari dou) for students at the dojo, where I practice at and to all who are interested in learning how to do gyaku-dou.   It is a useful technique against those who tend to raise the shinai to protect their men, kote and/or right dou.  Further, it is humbling when I am at the receiving end of a gyaku-dou.

The collection includes Instructional Videos, Videos of gyaku-dou in shiai and Articles – in English and Japanese.  This will likely grow as I discover more.

May your gyaku-dou be effective and feared!  🙂

Instructional Videos

In English

In Japanese

Videos of Gyaku-Dou during Shiai


In English

In Japanese

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