Hi, my name is Young.  I am an avid learner of kendo at 5th dan and am presently with the San Diego Kendo Bu in San Diego, California.

KendoNotes is intended to serve as a resource for learning more about kendo.  The site was initiated for two main reasons.  First, to better understand kendo at a higher level (kodansha) and, in general – as it is a challenge for fellow members and myself to travel afar and learn from high-ranking sensei‘s (e.g. 7th dan).  And second, to share that understanding with fellow members and the larger community of those who practice kendo.  To that end, when I can find the time, I translate insightful articles (Japanese ones thus far) and write articles on topics I feel comfortable writing about.

If you are ever in San Diego, please visit our dojo.

Enjoy the site!