Watercolor of me by my wife.  Circa 2007.

Hi, my name is Young.  I am an avid learner of kendo at 5th dan and with the San Diego Kendo Bu in San Diego, California.  I also help with teaching children at the Shofukan Kendo Dojo (San Diego).

KendoNotes.com is intended to serve as a resource for learning more about kendo.   The site was initiated in April 2016 for two main reasons.  First, to help me learn more about kendo at a higher level (kodansha) and in general.  And second, to share that learning with fellow dojo members and all who may find what I’ve learned useful.  To that end, when inspired, I translate insightful articles (Japanese ones thus far) and write articles on topics that I feel comfortable writing about.

I’d like to acknowledge the encouragement and support of many teachers, fellow kendo members and friends in creating this resource space.  And acknowledge the authors of the many referenced websites and resources that I enjoy reading and have benefited from greatly.

Enjoy the website and if you are ever in San Diego, please visit and practice with us.