Kendo Articles Translated by Ted Imoto Sensei

Ted Imoto is a Sensei with the Industry Sheriff’s Kendo Dojo (ISKD) located in the City of Industry, California (east of L.A.) who has translated a number of informative articles on kendo from Japanese to English.  Courtesy of Imoto Sensei, his articles are provided below (Thank you!) in PDF format and under the following categories:

  • Philosophical Articles
  • Fundamentals
  • Principles
  • Striking, datotsu
  • Waza
  • Kata

Most of them are also posted on the ISKD site.  Enjoy!

Philosophical Articles

  1. “Bushido & Christianity” by Arimasa Kubo,(PDF, 5 pages)
  2. “Three Morning Talks about Kendo (The Art of Kendo, The Art of Earning a Living, The Art of Living)” by Ichiro Yano, 1964 (PDF, 6 pages).
  3. “Pursuing Life Time Kendo” by Ishihara Tadayoshi (石原忠美) and Okamura Tadanori (岡村忠典) sensei (先生),(from a book titled”Ensō no Fūkō (円相の風光) from KendoJidai (剣道時代) magazine – Pleasant Chat (歓談)), 1998, (PDF, 4 pages).


  1. “Rational Method of Handling Shinai,” (PDF, 4 pages)
  2. “Kendo Terms with Illustration” (PDF, 5 pages)


  1. “Kendo Script” by Takano Sasaburō (高野佐三郎) Sensei, (PDF, 5 pages)”
    1. KYŌHŌSHINTOKU(教法心得) for PRACTICING KENDO (Understanding Teaching Principles for Practicing Kendo) (PDF)  Published by 国際社会人剣道クラブ (International Society of Kendo Club)
  2. Chiba Sensei’s Kendo Perfect Master, YouTube (Transcription) (PDF, 7 pages).

Striking, Datotsu

  1. “A Study of DATOTSU Movement in Kendo,” by Eishi Kidera (PDF, 4 pages)
  2. Studies of Body Movements in Kendo Men,” by Imafuku Ichiju, 2012. (PDF, 7 pages)
  3. “Why Men Uchi is Essential in Kendo,” (PDF, 7 pages)


  1. “ŌjiWaza-Men(剣道教室-7) by Ogawa Haruki Sensei (PDF, 15 pages)
  2. “Waza-Tsubazeriai(剣道教室)1”, by Ogawa Haruki Sensei (PDF, 9 pages)
  3. “Waza-Kote(剣道教室-1),” by Ogawa Haruki Sensei (PDF, 9 pages)
  4. “Waza-Dō(剣道教室-1),” by Ogawa Haruki Sensei (PDF, 7 pages)
  5. “ShikakeWaza-Men(剣道教室-1),” by Ogawa Haruki Sensei, (PDF, 10 pages)


  1. “Meaning of Kendo Kata,” (PDF, 6 pages)



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External English Articles and Sites on Kendo

Here’s a compilation of articles (with links for most of them) and sites on various aspects of kendo: tactics, semeshinsa, general guides, mechanics and refereeing.


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