Synchronizing the Strike with the Hikitsuke (引き付け)

This article is intended for those, like me, who may find it difficult to strike, with power and consistency, the small men-uchi (小さい面打ち as demonstrated at 0:15 of [RemaKendo SmallMenUchi]).  It covers: some Background explaining the impetus of this Continue reading

Kirikaeshi and “Large, Strong, Fast, Light (大強速軽)” – from a Seminar by Kamei Sensei

Here’s a brief summary of pointers from a portion of a Southern Californian Kendo Federation (SCKF) seminar given by Kamei Toru (Hanshi 8 dan) back in 2012 at Torrance, California in this 12:16 min video [Kamei Kiri-Kaeshi].  It is on the topic of kiri-kaeshi (切り返し) Continue reading