“Soft Eyes,” A Way of Seeing and Being – Quotes and Resources

Here’s a compilation of quotes and resources on the topic of “Soft Eyes” below.  It goes by many other names: Whole Seeing, Effortless Seeing, Open Focus, Soft Focus, Wide-Angled Vision, Peripheral Vision, Panoramic Vision, “Enzan no Metsuke” (The Gaze to a Far-away Mountain), Seeing from Behind the Eyes and Looking without Looking. Continue reading


The Blown Feather Sword (吹毛剣) – To Cut Away Our Attachments and Shikai

Here’s a translation of an explanation of a koan [Wiki_Koan] regarding a special sword referred to as “The Blown Feather Sword”(吹毛剣-suimouken).  A koan is typically a Continue reading