Quotes on Progressive Relaxation

Buds of the “Heart leaf” tree (Cercis canadensis or eastern redbud) in Mar 2021

Here are a set of quotes related to a relaxation technique referred to as Progressive Relaxation (and Progressive Muscle Relaxation) developed by Edmund Jacobson.  I found the technique not only effective for returning to calmness but also for better understanding the correlation of thoughts and tension (and ‘no thoughts’ and ‘no tension’).  The quotes are organized as follows: Continue reading


“Soft Eyes,” A Way of Seeing and Being – Quotes and Resources

I believe that “Soft Eyes” is an extremely important part of kendo and many areas of life.  It is a natural, tension-free way of seeing and being – which goes by many other names: Whole or Effortless Seeing, Soft or Open Focus, Wide-Angled, Peripheral or Panoramic Vision and “Enzan no Metsuke (a distant mountain gaze).” Continue reading