On Grieving, Dying and Living – Quotes and Resources

Two fathers of adult members of the dojo have passed away.  One, ten days ago in his sleep.  A kind, soft-spoken and gentle figure who would visit regularly to watch his two Continue reading


Really Seeing the Opponent and the Opportunities to Strike – Part 3: In Slow Motion

In “Part 2: Reflections,” I described the recollection of perceiving a strike come towards me as if in slow motion during keiko in at least one rare instance.  This reminded me of Continue reading

“Soft Eyes,” A Way of Seeing and Being – Quotes and Resources

I believe that “Soft Eyes” is an extremely important part of kendo and many areas of life.  It is a natural, tension-free way of seeing and being – which goes by many other names: Whole or Effortless Seeing, Soft or Open Focus, Wide-Angled, Peripheral or Panoramic Vision and “Enzan no Metsuke.” Continue reading