A Study of Hikidasu 引き出す- Drawing out the Opponent

Hiding out on a bridge in Uljin, S. Korea after the 2018 World Kendo Championships.

This article describes a more advanced technique referred to as hikidasu (or hikidashi 引き出し) to create an opportunity to strike an opponent (utsukikai 打つ機会 or datotsukikai Continue reading

On “You Want to Strike Men? In Order to Win…” (面打ちたい?勝つために。。。) – A Video by Fuku Sensei

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the 10:41 min video “You want to strike men?  In order to win…” by Fuku sensei [Fuku] may be worth a thousand pictures.  Fuku sensei examines in depth and with clarity a way to strike men first – using a mix of Continue reading

How to See the Chance for an Ippon (Translation of 一本を取るチャンスの見つけ方 by こごろ一様)

I translated a second article in Japanese by Kogoro-Sama  from Web-Kendo with his kind permission to post it.  Thank you Kogoro-Sama.  As the link and website no longer seems to exist (as of Aug 2019) (http://www.web-kendo.com/002001/column05.php), I have appended the original article in Japanese below after the translation. Continue reading