Resources on Mushin-no-shin (the Mind of No Mind)

In the desire to improve in kendo and free the mind from limiting thoughts, I enjoy the practice of developing the mind and heart.  Here’s a compilation of resources on the subject of mushin-no-shin 無心の心 (the mind of no mind) or, in short, mushin 無心 (no mind).  They are categorized in terms of:  Books, Articles (with or without kendo), Articles with Practical Suggestions and Quotes on mushin.  Among them, the book entitled The Unfettered Mind (below) by the Zen Buddhist priest Takuan Soho seems particularly comprehensive and illuminating.

The most powerful point you can reach in sports and in any kind of endeavor is when you’re one with the moment. – Robert Greene [Mastery_Greene]

Books on Mushin

Articles on Mushin and Kendo

Articles on Mushin in Related Arts and Sports

Articles with Practical Suggestions to Shift into Mushin

Quotes on Mushin


[Mastery_Greene]  “Robert Greene:  Mastery & Research,”, Jan 25, 2017.


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