Healing Kendo (癒しの剣道) by Nakamura Sensei – The Original Text in Japanese

This is the original text in Japanese for a seven-part English translation of an article by Continue reading

The Blown Feather Sword (吹毛剣) – To Cut Away Our Attachments and Shikai

Here’s a translation of an explanation of a koan [Wiki_Koan] regarding a special sword referred to as “The Blown Feather Sword”(吹毛剣-suimouken).  A koan is typically a Continue reading

How to See the Chance for an Ippon (Translation of 一本を取るチャンスの見つけ方 by こごろ一様)

I translated a second article in Japanese by Kogoro-Sama  from Web-Kendo with his kind permission to post it.  Thank you Kogoro-Sama.  As the link and website no longer seems to exist (as of Aug 2019) (http://www.web-kendo.com/002001/column05.php), I have appended the original article in Japanese below after the translation. Continue reading