Quotes on Mushin, Flow and Open-Focus – Overview

Here’s an overview of quotes on the related topics of Mushin-no-shin 無心の心 (Mind of No Mind), the flow-state and Open-Focus (and the related area of Open Monitoring Meditation).  The quotes are organized as follows: 

  • Part 1
    • Quotes from Takuan Soho 1
    • Quotes from Takuan Soho 2
    • Quotes from Dr. Les Fehmi and Others on Open Focus and Diffuse Attention
    • Quotes on Open Monitoring Meditation (related to Open Focus)
  • Part 2
    • Quotes from Eckhart Tolle
    • Quotes from Chetan More (on the Gap Between Thoughts)
    • Quotes from Charles Muller
    • Quotes from Additional Authors 1
    • Quotes from Additional Authors 2
  • Part 3 & References
    • Quotes from Kendo sensei‘s
    • Quotes from Naoki Eiga sensei (on Mushin-no-Waza)
    • Quotes from Iaido sensei‘s
    • References

Note:  This is a reorganization of the quotes, originally in one article, into several articles – as the number of quotes has grown significantly.  As usual, I may add more as I discover them.


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